Put the Fun and Ease Back into Dog Walking with Your New EZ Dog Walker’s Vest.

Dear Fellow Dog Walker, 
As a life-long dog walker and dog lover, the development of the EZ Dog Walker’s Vest comes from the heart. Before creating the Vest, walking our dogs seemed like a struggle because it was difficult to hold everything, like dog waste bags, water bottles, my cell phone, dog treats, hand wipes, ID, etc.

So I set out to find a practical solution to make dog walking more enjoyable and hassle-free for everyone.   After more than a year of custom designing the Vest, I’m pleased to share that the result is a carefully crafted and unique dog walking garment called the EZ Dog Walker’s Vest.
Back of Red Vest (without logo) as example. The back of the vest features a thick safety reflective strip, two deep pockets to carry water bottles, and a large zippered pocket.

The vest, available in black or red colors, is designed with enough pockets and a variety of pocket sizes to ensure you have room to comfortably carry everything you need.  It’s lightweight, sporty, and features several safety reflective strips on the front and back for early morning or late night dog walks.   
And now you can preorder your EZ Dog Walker’s Vest for Spring 2015.  Simply reply to this e-mail, and fill out the brief order form below.  Visit our website at http://DogWalkerShop.com. 
Front of black vest.
Pre-Order Form for the EZ Dog Walker’s Vest
Quantity of Vests:  ____
Check Box for your uni-sex size:
Small ______
Medium ___
Large ______
Extra Large ____
Red or Black (with color Dog Walker’s Vest logo printed on the back).
Color: _________________
Your name: ______________________________________________
Contact E-mail:  __________________________________________
Vest cost (any size): $39.00 (plus $7.00 priority shipping with tracking to anywhere in the U.S.).  I will contact you via e-mail with final details as soon as the vests are available for order and delivery.

Kathy McNamara – Dog Walker Shop, LLC
“Improving the Comfort and Convenience for Dog Owners and their Dogs, One E-Z Dog Walker’s Vest at a Time.”
http://DogWalkerShop.com Maker of the EZ Dog Walker’s Vest – Place Your Order Today.
www.facebook.com/dogwalkershopllcJoin the Dog Walker Shop, LLC, Facebook Page.
Maker of the Innovative

About WalkForDogs

We understand that life can get a little hectic sometimes. Trying to juggle work, family, errands and exercising your dog can get pretty difficult. We also understand that you may not be able to walk your dog due to bad weather or illness. We have the solution at WalkForDogs. We offer a fun-filled, QUALITY dog walking service — rain or shine. As a lifetime Overland Park, KS resident (and daily walker of my 12-year old Hungarian Puli), you can count on me to take care of your best friend as my own. Regular exercise helps keep your dog free of destructive or annoying behaviors — such as digging, chewing or barking — which is often a result of boredom. So get your dog busy, and they will thank you with love and good health. Call today to schedule your first lap.

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