Dog Raves

“My little guy can’t wait to see Kathy at the front door.  It’s PLAY time when Kathy shows up.  Balou runs for his leash, happily sits while she preps him, and comes home after 45 minutes of brisk walking as a tired and happy little guy.  He has gotten so much better walking on a leash, which makes it so much easier for me when I walk him on the weekends. Since I work long hours during the work week, it’s impossible for me to get home to take care of  Balou.  Kathy provides an invaluable service, and my dog absolutely adores her.  I would highly recommend Kathy and WalkForDogs.”

Andrea P.  – Overland Park, KS

“Kathy has been walking my dogs, Tauna and Jazzi for several months and she is awesome.  She is caring and loving with my dogs like they are her own, and the way they respond to her lets me know that she is doing a great job.  They go nuts when she comes in the door for their walk and they fight for her attention.  Praise to you for helping me to wear out my dogs for the day!”

Tatiana H. – Overland Park, KS

“My dog, Pajti, enjoys his weekly walks with Kathy.  He comes home pooped and ready to relax on the couch.  He looks forward to his exercise, and enjoys time away from the house.  I have really seen a difference in his attitude. 

Since I’ve had back surgery, I can’t walk Pajti like I used to.  So he really enjoys jogging with Kathy on the country roads where I live.  I would recommend her to anyone, especially if there are health circumstances where you cannot exercise your dog.  Kathy is dependable and worth every penny!”

Eva R. – Stilwell, KS


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