Dog Walker Shop, LLC

Hello Fellow Dog Owners, Dog Sitters, Dog Walkers and Trainers,

Here’s a new practical solution to make dog walking more enjoyable and hassle-free for everyone who loves and cares for dogs.

After custom designing the vest while working with dog-care professionals, you can now take advantage of a carefully crafted, unique dog walking garment that can help you considerably — called the EZ Dog Walker’s Vest.  

And the vests are currently ON SALE for $35.00 (regularly priced at $39.00) – plus shipping.

Before creating the Vest, it was difficult to hold everything — like dog waste bags, dog treats, water bottles, hand wipes, I.D., cell phone, business cards, etc.

So we designed the vest with enough pockets and a variety of pocket sizes to ensure you have room to comfortably carry everything you need.  The super functional Vests are also perfect for walkers, hikers and bicycle riders.  They also make a great staple for animal shelters to hand out to dog-walking volunteers.

The vest is sporty, durable and features several reflective strips on the front and back.  The vest comes in sharp black or vibrant red (and has our small logo on the back of the neckline).

EZ Dog Walker's Vest small logo.

What’s really effective is how you can use your new vest as a walking advertisement.  It’s a great way to strike up a conversation with neighbors or clients, pass along your business cards, and generate new business opportunities.

You have room to print your company logo on the back of the vest if you choose to personalize and promote your business.  You can use a local printer to economically print your camera-ready logo.

To place your order now, please visit  Go to the ORDER TODAY tab.


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