Dog Health

Do you work long hours at the office and can’t make it home to give your dog a mid-day exercise and potty break?  WalkForDogs can help.  We can help your dog with a much needed walking break to exercise and take care of dog business.  Here are all of the wonderful benefits of dog walking:

A Longer and Healthier Life For Your Dog.  In addition to the basic needs of food and shelter, your dog also needs social interaction, positive attention from their owner, mental stimulation and exercise. A minimum 30- minute walk each day can fulfill these needs.  You can keep your dog healthy and strong, and improve behavior at home through practicing obedience skills.
Exercise Your Dog.  Today it is estimated that 40% of American dogs are overweight. Regular exercise improves blood flow to the heart, oxygen to the lungs, builds strong muscles, increases joint mobility, increases energy levels and helps to control weight.  Exercising your dog can enhance their quality of life.  It decreases the risk of dog cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart attack and strokes.  It extends their lifespan and the time that you can enjoy them being part of your family.  Exercise also improves a dogs mood and decreases the risk of dog depression. It is especially important to keep aging pets fit and agile as they may not be inclined to exercise without your encouragement.
Mental Stimulation For Your Dog.  Dogs love to investigate their territory and seek out news smells and changes to their environment. Walking provides the mental stimulation that comes from experiencing a wide range of odors and scents. Without this stimulation, a dogs enjoyment of life is hampered and the dog can become bored and unhappy – which leads to destructive behavior.  A daily walk is a great opportunity to reinforce training skills.  It helps build self confidence, reduces stress, and helps ensure they remember their training at home.
Social Skills For Your Dog.  Dogs are social animals and enjoy the opportunity to socialize with other dogs. They are also pack animals and instinctively need to be with others – dogs or humans. A daily walking routine provides this personal attention to satisfy this pack need.  Walking is a great way to ensure that puppies learn early to appropriately greet and interact with other dogs and people.  These positive interactions build skills and ensure they will not act badly when meeting other dogs as an adult.
Preventing Behavior Problems For Your Dog.  Walking relieves boredom.  It can reduce bad behaviors such as destructiveness, separation anxiety, and barking. Walking gives your dog a way to channel their energy in a positive way. Active dogs are typically happy and well-adjusted dogs.

Setting up dog walking services with WalkForDogs is easy.  Simply call or e-mail, and we’ll schedule a first meeting.  We will e-mail (or mail)  the dog walking service contract and pet safety forms for you to complete prior to our first consultation visit.  For good health and well-being of your dogs, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A consistent routine of walking and fun may be exactly what your dog needs to maintain good health for many years to come.


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