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Still time for a Christmas Gift — The EZ Dog Walker’s Vest offers new, practical solution to make dog walking more enjoyable and hassle-free!

Hello Fellow Dog Owners, Dog Sitters, Dog Walkers and Trainers,


Here’s a new practical solution to make dog walking more enjoyable and hassle-free for everyone who loves and cares for dogs.

After custom designing the vest with fabulous input from dog-care professionals, you can now take advantage of a carefully crafted, unique dog walking garment that will help make dog walking easier and more convenient — the brand new EZ Dog Walker’s Vest.  


All Vest sizes are currently ON SALE for only $35.00 (regular price $45.00).

Before creating the Vest, it was difficult to hold everything — like dog waste bags, treats, water bottles, hand wipes, I.D., cell phone, business cards, etc.

So our team designed the vest with enough pockets and a variety of pocket sizes to ensure you have room to comfortably carry everything for dog walks. The super functional Vests are also perfect for walkers, hikers and bicycle riders.  And they make a great staple for animal shelters to hand out to dog-walking volunteers.

“I have been using this vest daily since I received it.  It lives up to how it was described.  This vest has plenty of pockets for K-9 & people gear – is lightweight & comfortable. The seller acknowledged my order by email immediately. It arrived on time & was packaged well. Was previously using a fly fishing vest but it cut into the back of my neck due to weight of our gear. EZ vest far out-performs! Designed for the dog walker’s comfort. Thank you for this 5-star product and excellent service.”

– Mary F. – Vancouver, WA

The vest is sporty, durable and features several reflective strips on the front and back.  The vest comes in sharp black or vibrant red (with our logo on the back of the neckline).

EZ Dog Walker's Vest small logo.

What’s really effective is how you can use your new vest as a walking advertisement.  It’s a great way to strike up a conversation with neighbors or clients, pass along your business cards, and generate new business opportunities.

You have room to print your company logo on the back of the vest (or front) if you choose to personalize and promote your business.

It’s so easy to place your order now.  Simply go to the Order Today tab.

“I got the vest today. I love it! It is exactly what I wanted.  I was contemplating designing my own and sewing a vest for myself, but I decided to look at some images online for ideas in my design. I was so happy that I quickly found exactly what I had in mind, all ready to go, for a very affordable price. I received it in just a couple of days. I’m sure I couldn’t have made this vest on my own for what I paid for it and it would have probably taken me a month to do it.  Thanks again.”
– Paula B. – Midland, MI


“What can I say, love it, love it and love it. This vest is everything you need. Makes my daily dog walks so much easier to bring with me all the necessities I need, especially in this heat.  Plenty of pockets. Thanks a lot.”
– Jasmin J. – Saint Robert, MO

Put the Fun Back Into Dog Walking With the New EZ Dog Walker’s Vest.

EZ Dog Walker's Vest

“Improving the Safety and Comfort of our Pets and Pet Owners, One EZ Dog Walker’s Vest at a Time.”


Buksi chilling in the grass after a long walk.

As a life-long dog owner, regular dog walker and dog lover myself, the development of the EZ Dog Walker’s Vest truly comes from the heart. Before creating the Vest, walking my dogs daily seemed like a bit of a struggle. And not because I didn’t enjoy stretching my legs and getting fresh air with all of my best friends.  But rather the frustration of holding everything, like my dog waste bags, water bottle, cell phone, etc.  And I always held a minimum of 2 leashes, so dog walking became a real juggling act. 
Awesome Testimonial!

Our first client enjoying her new EZ Dog Walker’s Vest.

Feeling distracted while dog walking kept me from really enjoying my dog walks.  I wanted to take the time to enjoy the scenery, watch my dogs have fun sniffing around for the perfect spot, and feel somewhat relaxed.  And as an early morning walker in the dark, I worried about our safety with cars not being able to spot us on the sidewalks or crossing the streets.
Utilizing my life-long career in marketing and sales, and as an aspiring dog walking garment entrepreneur, I set out on a mission to find a practical solution to make dog walking more enjoyable and hassle-free.   After more than a year of custom designing and planning the look of the vest with my garment manufacturer partner, I’m happy to say the result is a carefully crafted and unique dog walking garment called the EZ Dog Walker’s Vest.
EZ Dog Walker's Vest

A view of the back of our black EZ Dog Walker’s Vest with safety Reflective strip, zippered pocket, clip and two custom-designed pockets to hold your water bottle and your dog’s water bottle snugly.


The vest is well designed with enough unique pockets and customized pocket sizes to make sure you have room to carry everything you need, not only for your dogs, but your personal items.  You’ll find that the EZ Dog Walker’s Vest pockets can house everything like bio-degradable dog waste bags, sanitary wipes, dog treats, etc.  Using the durable front pocket clips, you can attach a lead for your dog leash so you have a truly hands-free dog walking experience.  You can use the clips for your mace, dog repellent spray, I-pod, etc.  Plus there’s plenty of to carry your cell phone, ID, cash or credit card, Kleenex, etc.  And the back of the vest has two mesh pockets to slip in your water bottle and your dog’s water bottle.
Another important factor in designing the vest was to make it lightweight and breathable so you won’t feel weighed down.
And finally, to discuss the safety issue, I added reflective strips on the front and back that offer you the extra safety for walking when it’s dark outside.
And now with all of that successfully accomplished, it’s a great time to introduce the EZ Dog Walker’s Vest to dog walkers, dog trainers and dog enthusiasts to enjoy.
You’ll see firsthand how the vest is a unique garment that looks sporty, feels comfortable, and will give you the ease and convenience for all of your dog walking outings.
How do I pre-order my new EZ Dog Walker’s Vest?
For only $30, you will receive your brand new EZ Dog Walker Vest before it hits the marketplace.  Initially the vest is available in 3 colors:  black, light gray and tan.  You choose your uni-sex size of  S, M, L, or XL.  Projected retail pricing will run $39.95, so you’ll save up front.  Spread the word to your family, friends and co-workers so they can save now as well.  You’ll be at the forefront of bringing an amazing new dog walking accessory to the marketplace.
  Note:  All future orders will be placed through the Dog Walker Shop’s website at

Join us for our Premier Video Shoot of the EZ Dog Walker’s Tool Vest in Action – Saturday, October 18, 2014.

This Saturday, October 18, 2014, from 9 – 10 a.m., will be taking a video of my latest invention in full swing: the EZ Dog Walker’s Vest, at the Shannon Valley Park in Overland Park, KS.

Improving the Safety and Comfort of our Pets and Pet Owners, One EZ Dog Walker's Vest at a Time.

I’ll be wearing my very own EZ Dog Walker’s Vest, fully equipped with my dog walking essentials for myself and my 8-month old puppy, Bodri. Come join in the fun, bring your dog(s), and come take a walk with us. You’ll see first hand how hassle-free and fun it will be to have the vest equipped with everything you need for dog walks – no more fumbling and juggling to carry your stuff — your best bud will get your undivided attention. Hope to see ALL YOU dog walker’s on Saturday morning.

Awesome Testimonial!

Shannon Valley Park is located in Overland Park at College Blvd. and Grant (across from the Corporate Woods main entrance on College Blvd.).

You’ll find more information on the EZ Dog Walker’s Vest at:

Walk Your Dogs with Comfort and Ease with the Innovative EZ Dog Walker’s Vest.

Hello Fellow Readers,
I am reaching out to  you and the Fund Dreamer audience to help fund an innovative and  fuss-free dog walking garment for dog walkers, dog trainers and dog enthusiasts to wear.  Walk with style and ease while sporting your very own  EZ Dog Walker’s Vest.

With each $30 investment, you will receive your new EZ Dog Walker Vest (patent pending)  before it hits the marketplace.  Projected retail pricing will run $39.95, so you’ll save up front.   You’ll be at the forefront of bringing an amazing new garment to the marketplace.  And please spread the word to your family, friends and co-workers so they, too, can save now. (See blue link right below)

EZ Dog Walker's Vest.

Walk You Pets With Style and Ease

Why am I introducing the EZ Dog Walker’s Vest to everyone?
As a regular dog walker and dog lover, this project is truly from the heart.  I would always get frustrated trying to juggle the waste bags, hang on to the leash, carry my water bottle, worry about cars not seeing me during the early morning dog walks when it’s still dark outside, carrying dog treats, carrying my other personal items, etc.
So I designed the EZ Dog Walker’s Vest as a practical solution to solve these frustrations, making my dog walks am enjoyable, fuss-free experience.  With all the vest’s unique pockets and pocket sizes, there’s room to carry everything I need not only for my dog, but for my personal items, like my cell phone, mace, ID, etc.
What a great testimonial from Kim L.

What a great testimonial from Kim L.

Here’s a first-hand account from a client who was one of the first to receive, and regularly use, the prototype EZ Dog Walker’s Vest.

     “I own one of these vests and love it! Allows me to carry my wallet, phone, water, poop bags, treats & keys. Everything I need safely stored while we walk.”

Kim L. 

Research and Development.
Over the past year, I’ve been researching other dog accessory products, and I found there wasn’t anything even close to the EZ Dog Walker’s Vest.  All I could find was unattractive fanny packs or bulky and heavy jackets.  So I went to work and started to design the EZ Dog Walker’s Vest. After much feedback and fine-tuning of the designs, I produced the first workable prototype.  The prototype testing started with several dog walking and dog training professionals, as well as family and friends.  Their feedback was invaluable, and the consensus was, “Roll out the EZ Dog Walker’s Vest to everyone.”
I was fortunate to find Fund Dreamer to help go viral and spread the word.  I am seeking to raise $7,000 to get the EZ Dog Walker’s Vest into production. This will enable me to place the least required production order that our vendor requires.  And for each $30 pledge, you will receive an EZ Dog Walker’s Vest in your choice of 3 colors (black, tan and light gray), and your choice of uni-sex sizes S, M, L, and X-LG.
What are the features and benefits of the EZ Dog Walker’s Vest?
The EZ Dog Walker’s  Vest holds essential dog walking tools for dog walkers and their dogs. The vest packs safety, comfort and convenience into one unique lightweight garment, allowing freedom of movement while carrying everything you need.  Dog walkers slip on the vest ready-equipped, any time day or night, for routine dog walks and other dog outings.
  • Custom-designed vest, all-in-one, light-weight, machine-washable.
  • For you and your dog’s safety, the vest features several Reflective safety strips on the front and back so cars can see you walking when it’s dark outside.
  • Stylish and sporty, available in 3 popular colors: red, tan and light gray.
  • Designed in uni-sex sizes of S, M, L, and X-L, for men and women — striking a perfect balance of style, function and form.
  • Features a total of 13 custom-sized pockets and compartments sealed with zippers; 3 pockets feature hook clips; 2 mesh pockets designed to carry dog water bottle and water bottle for dog walker.
  • Carries every dog walking tool needed for dog walks or other dog outings (i.e., waste bags, dog water bottle, collapsible water bowl, a Velcro strip so that you can place your personal patch (i.e., I love my Lab, etc.) on it, dog treats, dog safety repellent, etc.), as well as personal dog walker items (your cell phone, house key, ID card, water bottle, hand wipes, etc.).
  • Perfect to wear in warm weather, or easy to slip on over winter coat in cold weather.
  • Invaluable asset for those who make movement a lifestyle.
  • In comparison to retail stores carrying pocketed fishing or hunting outdoor vests they market as dog walker vests, the EZ Dog Walker’s Vest is uniquely for dog walkers as it less bulky, more practical and more affordable.
  • Our research and development team extensively interviewed dog walkers and dog accessory retailers, and dog owners will invest up to $40 for a specialty garment to help make their dog walking and dog training experiences more enjoyable.
  • The tool vest is also perfect for regular walkers, hikers and bicycle riders to equip and carry all the essentials.
With the EZ Dog Walker’s Vest, you can bring as much or as little as you like, depending on the length and scope of your outing. No more fumbling, or juggling, as each item is securely clipped on or zippered into vest pockets for a totally care free dog walking adventure.
Here is the first prototype of the front and back of the vest.  This is not the latest design because we have made some excellent improvements to some of the pockets, the length of the vest, etc., based on feedback from our testers.
Prototype of front of vest.  I equipped my prototype with a dog waste bag canister and mace.  I carry my cell phone in the front pocket, dog treats, and my ID.
I equip my vest with dog waste bag canisters, mace, dog treats, water bottles, my cell phone, cash, business cards, etc.
Prototype of back of vest.  I equipped my prototype with a dog water bottle and my bottle water.
I am grateful that Fund Dreamer allows me to share my invention with audiences I would never have been able to reach before. The Internet now allows inventors to share their work with a vast new audience.  By making this project open to Fund Dreamer support, it can become bigger than I could ever hope to make it by myself.  I hope people get as excited about the EZ Dog Walker’s Vest as they do with other dog accessories, and that it changes the way dog walkers and dog trainers experience their dog outings.
For more information, please e-mail me at
“Improving the Safety and Comfort of our Pets and Pet Owners, One EZ Dog Walker’s Vest at a Time.” – EZ Dog Walker’s Vest website and blog.