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Still time for a Christmas Gift — The EZ Dog Walker’s Vest offers new, practical solution to make dog walking more enjoyable and hassle-free!

Hello Fellow Dog Owners, Dog Sitters, Dog Walkers and Trainers,


Here’s a new practical solution to make dog walking more enjoyable and hassle-free for everyone who loves and cares for dogs.

After custom designing the vest with fabulous input from dog-care professionals, you can now take advantage of a carefully crafted, unique dog walking garment that will help make dog walking easier and more convenient — the brand new EZ Dog Walker’s Vest.  


All Vest sizes are currently ON SALE for only $35.00 (regular price $45.00).

Before creating the Vest, it was difficult to hold everything — like dog waste bags, treats, water bottles, hand wipes, I.D., cell phone, business cards, etc.

So our team designed the vest with enough pockets and a variety of pocket sizes to ensure you have room to comfortably carry everything for dog walks. The super functional Vests are also perfect for walkers, hikers and bicycle riders.  And they make a great staple for animal shelters to hand out to dog-walking volunteers.

“I have been using this vest daily since I received it.  It lives up to how it was described.  This vest has plenty of pockets for K-9 & people gear – is lightweight & comfortable. The seller acknowledged my order by email immediately. It arrived on time & was packaged well. Was previously using a fly fishing vest but it cut into the back of my neck due to weight of our gear. EZ vest far out-performs! Designed for the dog walker’s comfort. Thank you for this 5-star product and excellent service.”

– Mary F. – Vancouver, WA

The vest is sporty, durable and features several reflective strips on the front and back.  The vest comes in sharp black or vibrant red (with our logo on the back of the neckline).

EZ Dog Walker's Vest small logo.

What’s really effective is how you can use your new vest as a walking advertisement.  It’s a great way to strike up a conversation with neighbors or clients, pass along your business cards, and generate new business opportunities.

You have room to print your company logo on the back of the vest (or front) if you choose to personalize and promote your business.

It’s so easy to place your order now.  Simply go to the Order Today tab.

“I got the vest today. I love it! It is exactly what I wanted.  I was contemplating designing my own and sewing a vest for myself, but I decided to look at some images online for ideas in my design. I was so happy that I quickly found exactly what I had in mind, all ready to go, for a very affordable price. I received it in just a couple of days. I’m sure I couldn’t have made this vest on my own for what I paid for it and it would have probably taken me a month to do it.  Thanks again.”
– Paula B. – Midland, MI


“What can I say, love it, love it and love it. This vest is everything you need. Makes my daily dog walks so much easier to bring with me all the necessities I need, especially in this heat.  Plenty of pockets. Thanks a lot.”
– Jasmin J. – Saint Robert, MO

Dog adoption resources abound for pet parents

Adopting a dog involves a financial commitment.  And puppy adoption, in particular, can be costly, shares Dogster.  In fact, within the first year you’ll have to budget for spaying/neutering and the necessary vaccinations.

In addition, you should carefully consider the costs of food, veterinary care, pet toys and beds, grooming and even boarding at a kennel if you vacation.

View slideshow: Adopting a dog partners with PetFinder to bring the largest listing of adoptable dogs on the web.  It’s the perfect place to start your dog adoption search.

For Overland Park area residents, check out the local Dogster adoption page to get started with your information gathering on dog adoption.

Where Should I Look For A Dog?

Consider visiting a shelter to rescue a dog. While many shelter dogs are mixed breeds, the Humane Society of the United States says that one in four is purebred. There are also rescue groups that specialize in finding homes for dogs of a specific breed; adopting a rescue dog may be far cheaper than buying a puppy from a breeder. However, if you do choose to use the services of a breeder, be sure to choose a reputable one.

Dog Bite Prevention Week set for May 20 – 26, 2012

Sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), Dog Bite Prevention Week is May 20 – 26, 2012.  Dog bites occur 4.7 million times a year, with children being the most common victims.  Approximately 400,000 children are treated for dog bites every year in the United States. And many adults report unprovoked dig bites while out walking or running.

If you experience a dog bite,

  • Take down the name and phone number of the dog owner. You will need them to provide proof that their pet has been vaccinated against rabies. Otherwise, you will be required to go through a series of vaccinations as a precaution.
  • Seek medical attention if necessary. Keep in mind that at first a bite may seem minimal only to become increasingly painful and inflamed later.
  • Wash your wound gently in soap and water to help protect against infection.
  • Apply pressure with a clean towel to help stop any bleeding. You can also wrap a bandage around the wound to keep it protected.
  • Apply an antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin to the area twice a day.
  • If you feel it is necessary, report the incident to the proper authorities (Animal Control or the Police).

If your dog bites someone,

  • Stay calm, do not defend, and be nice to the victim as the outcome is in their hands and in their favor.
  • Give out your name and number. Provide documentation of your pets rabies vaccine or give them the number of your veterinarian.
  • Help the victim get medical attention if they want or need it.
  • Offer to pay for any medical bills.
  • Examine the situation to keep the situation from happening again.
  • You may want to alert your insurance company and take down the names and numbers of any witnesses.
  • Tell the truth about what happened.

Dog owners need to understand the importance of training their animal to obey, keeping them contained and restrained, and understanding the natural instincts of the breed they choose to own. Some dogs, regardless of breed, need more direction and interaction than others. Trainers are a wonderful resource, but if you cannot afford a trainer there are many free resources available online and in stores.

Sometimes a victim has no way of avoiding an attack. But everyone needs to use caution when approaching a strange animal. A wagging tail does not always mean happiness to greet you, so you should always ask permission to touch or pet another dog.

America loves dogs and will continue to welcome pets into their homes and family.  Dog bite prevention week is a timely reminder of how to keep your family safe from dog bites, as well as helping to prevent dog bites.

WalkForDogs Grand Opening Celebration March 15th in Overland Park, KS.

More exciting information to come in the weeks ahead…..

A Few Good Tips on Finding the Perfect Dog Walker.

Your dog is your best furry friend. Every day, you anticipate coming home to play with him or her, as they meet you with a wagging tail and spunky greeting. Your dog could sure use some care and attention during your long work day. Employing a professional dog walker could be the perfect solution.

The size of your town will probably determine the number of dog walkers in your area. There are a few great websites to start your search in finding the best pet care provider: The powerful search engine is a great tool to find local pet service providers. Type in your city’s name and “dog walker”. As an example, if you live in Overland Park, KS, simply type in “Overland Park, KS dog walker” as your search term. Then Google will serve up a list of local dog walkers in under a second. This is a hub for pet sitters, house cleaners, baby sitters, etc. It’s a great place to find pet care providers. Simply click the “Pets” tab, then click on “College Caregivers”. From there, you can type in your zip code and find local pet sitters and dog walkers.
-Visit Every major city has a craiglist site, and if you don’t live in a major city, that’s ok. You can go to your nearest big city’s craigslist, and it will likely have pet service providers in your area as well. Under the Services heading, select “Pet”, and here you’ll see any local pet sitters or dog walkers.
Now that you’ve got a few prospective dog walkers, here are a few points to think about before choosing one to walk your canine:
-Are they affordable? Dog walking can really add up. Think about it: you’ll be paying someone to come to your home, once or twice a day, usually 5 days per week, to walk, pick up after, and care for your pet. Even $1 or $2 difference per visit between providers can make a big difference in the long run.
-Is it possible to have a consistent person see your dog every visit? Some dogs get nervous around new people. If this is the case with your canine, you may want to check and see if the pet care provider can send the same person each time, so that your dog will have consistency in their daily walk. Hiring a solo dog walker would ensure this also.
-Does your potential dog walker have a love for canines? You’ll really want someone who has a great personality, and more importantly has a great disposition with dogs. You’ll want them to treat your pet like it’s their own. You definitely don’t want someone who is just walking dogs to collect a paycheck. You’ll be able to tell the difference right when you meet the person.
-Are there references available that you can contact? You may not have thought of this, but you should definitely contact at least one reference before trusting someone to care for your dog. Doing this homework at the beginning will ensure a smooth ride in the long run.

Your Dog Needs Exercise This Winter – WalkForDogs Can Help!

We understand that life can get a little hectic sometimes. Trying to juggle work, family, errands and exercising your dog can get pretty difficult. We also understand that you may not be able to walk your dog due to bad weather or illness. We have the solution at WalkForDogs. Locally owned and operated, we provide individualized care and attention for all kinds of dog breeds, both large and small. We offer a fun-filled, QUALITY dog walking service — rain or shine.

As a genuine dog lover, I’ll treat your precious dog with as much care and attention as any member of the family. As a lifetime Overland Park, KS resident (and daily walker of my 12-year old Hungarian Puli), you can count on me to take care of your best friend as my own. I will come to your home and walk your dog in your very own neighborhood, a familiar and safe surrounding for your dog.

Regular exercise helps keep your dog free of destructive or annoying behaviors — such as digging, chewing or barking — which is often a result of boredom. So get your dog busy, and they will thank you with love and good health. Call or e-mail today to schedule your first lap. Visit our website at