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Meet Bodri, our 8-month old Hungarian Puli, Playing Soccer Like A Pro!

Bodri watching over his brother, Buksi, our 15 1/2 year old Hungarian Puli.



Meet Bodri, our 8-month old Hungarian Puli.  Bodri had truly become a star volleyball player.

We did our first-ever YouTube video of Bodri playing ball for over 2 minutes straight.  We’ll continue to chronicle his soccer skills as he grows up.  Check out Bodri’s ball-playing manuevers at:

For Christmas, Bodri is getting a  Virtually Indestructible Best Ball for Dogs, 10-inch, a Jolly Pets Egg Plastic Ball for Pets, 12-Inch, Red, and KONG Air Dog Squeakair Birthday Balls Dog Toy, Medium, Colors Vary (3 Balls).


We’ll video Bodri as he learns how to play with his new balls.


Bodri chasing squirrels after completing a round of volleyball play.


These Boots Were Made For Walking…The Dog!

Winter is here with a bang, and 49 out of our 50 United States have some amount of snow on the ground.  But that shouldn’t stop dog owners from taking their favorite canine friend out for a good walk.  Just be careful for icy spots along the way.  So let’s put on our favorite pair of boots, bundle up and head out your front door with dog leash in hand.

Speaking of the snow in Kansas City, I’m dog sitting my mom’s 5-year old Hungarian puli who loves to play hard in the snow.  He also loves to play with his ball.  He proudly takes his squeaky ball out to the back yard, proceeds to bury it in the snow, and then digs it right back up.

He emerges with mats of snow on his long, wooly fur.  He stands ready for his next throw, and happily frolics through the deep snow to find his ball entirely by scent.  He gets his little sniffer going good, tracks the ball, retrieves it for us, and does his happy dance.  It’s a blast to watch our dogs in the snow.

Do your dogs enjoy the snow?  Send pictures or snow stories with your best friend to

Those boots were made for walking your dog all year-long.