Contract Rates

As of July 1, 2013, we only offer two-week contracts, of which you can use within a 3 month period.  Please e-mail for more information on contract rates.

Option 1:

We come to your home and walk your dog in your neighborhood.

30-minutes – $20.00

45-minutes – $25.00

1-hour – $30.00

Option 2:

If you’re out and about running errands – and would like to drop your dog off at our Overland Park location, rates are as follows:

30-minutes  – $18.00

45-minutes – $22.00

1-hour – $28.00

We also offer dog walking packages.  Contact us for more information.  Gift certificates are also available.

  1. Morgan Gale

    I will be moving in the kansas city area in march. I am currently a dog obedience student at animal behavior college. I will be looking for a part-full time job with dogs. Would there be any positions open in the spring for dog walking?

    • Hi Morgan, Thanks so much for your e-mail. That is great you are a student at animal behavior college and that you’re coming to Kansas City this Spring. I wish you much success with your studies. I’m not sure about our Spring line-up yet, but please give us a call when you’re settled in K.C. If we aren’t hiring, I’ll try to refer you to some other local dog walking companies throughout our area who may be looking for help. Good luck, and thanks again! Kathy McNamara

  2. I am also a dog walker (Washington, DC) and love this blog! I also blog on Word Press Thanks for some ideas for how to improve my blog and website.


    • Thanks so much, Rachel. I’ll definitely check out your blog, too! I love meeting other dog walkers from all over the U.S. Let’s stay in touch. Thanks again, Kathy

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